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Antioch Ranch

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Welcome to Antioch Ranch
Antioch Ranch exists to provide an atmosphere that allows people to find refreshment with God, family, friends and nature.
Here you'll find tall Redwood trees surrounding 20 acres of old orchard, field and hilltop.
The Ranch is a family-friendly, internet-free place of peace and relaxation that allows you to unplug from the stresses of life.
Our local beaches, c
harming towns of Mendocino and Fort Bragg, and State parks are not far away.

We have several guest houses to choose from. Each has a unique theme, is fully furnished and offers a choice of wood stove or propane heat.

Our Houses

Americana House


Americana themed and great for guests with a large living room and dining space.

In addition to it's natural charm this house features a standard kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom, and more!

Hammer House


Nautical in theme and simply cozy, this charming wee house boasts a wood stove, kitchen, three bedrooms, bathroom, and adorable living room!

Jerry and Pat Westfall

In the early 1960’s a seed was planted in our hearts through a Christian retreat ministry in Southern California. This was a small country ministry that had found the value of hosting folks away from the busyness of their usual routine. God worked significantly in such a setting. Both of us were impacted by this fresh retreat approach to ministry. Together we realized that we were somehow destined to do something similar. As “God’s will grows on you,” so it did on us.

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