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About Us


Jerry and Pat Westfall

In the early 1960’s a seed was planted in our hearts through a Christian retreat ministry in Southern California. This was a small country ministry that had found the value of hosting folks away from the busyness of their usual routine. God worked significantly in such a setting. Both of us were impacted by this fresh retreat approach to ministry. Together we realized that we were somehow destined to do something similar. As “God’s will grows on you,” so it did on us.

In the fall of 1965, after a year of searching for just the right place, God unquestionably led us to these 20 acres that we now call Antioch Ranch.  We paid $22,500 for these 20 acres with a fixer-upper house. The living room was once the garage for the homestead that had burned down in the 40’s.


The Ranch had history, and a lush, overgrown orchard. It had some pasture land, hundreds of Redwoods, and was a nice distance from the fog belt. Jerry’s folks helped with a down payment, and we “city-kids” did our best to bring some fresh order to this run down old place.

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