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Please call us to make a reservation.  1 707 937 5570.

When your reservation is confirmed, please fill out the reservation form and mail it to us with a 50% deposit.

If you have to cancel your reservation, please call us as we are willing to negotiate your situation.

NOTE: In the event of serious adverse weather conditions and accompanying problems (I.e. power outages, high winds) that would make your stay at Antioch Ranch an unreasonable difficulty, or your travel dangerous, our policy is to shift your deposit to an agreeable future date.


3:00 PM is usually the earliest for arrival.


11:00 AM

If you have a special request, please ask and we will see what we can do.

CLEAN UP: Please leave the house and grounds as clean and tidy as you found them by following the clean-up list in your house.


A $75 cash housekeeping charge needs to be left on table as you leave, or include when you pay your balance.


Please sort the various trash items according to the trash instruction sheet posted in each house. Large trash cans are located on back porch.  


Please TURN OFF LIGHTS you are not using, as well as PORCH LIGHT.  There are night lights in each house.


Please turn off the propane heater when leaving house.


1) No pets!

2) No smoking in house!

3) We welcome families with children, and we ask you to help them respect our facilities, sports equipment, and property in general.

4) No illegal drugs 

We request the removal of "street-shoes" in the houses to help preserve our floor covering, and to help in clean-up. Slippers might be worth bringing. We also recommend a flashlight for dark nights.


1) The kitchens are fully equipped, ready to use.  We recommend a stop in town at Harvest or Safeway in Mendocino or Fort Bragg for your groceries before arrival.

2) We have a microwave, toaster and coffee maker.

3) Please do not cook fish in the houses. The smell lasts for weeks. BBQ-ing fish outside is fine.

4) We supply a minimum of spices, sugar, coffee, tea


1) A wood stove is your primary heat. Paper, kindling, and firewood are provided. If you are inexperienced with wood stoves, you might want to bring some "Presto" logs to get things started.  Please do not hesitate to ask for help!

2) Please do not use the kitchen range for heating the house.

3) We use a lot of wood each year, so please be as frugal as possible. Thanks!

4) A propane heater is also available in the living room as well as space heaters in each bedroom.

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