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Antioch Ranch

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Welcome to Antioch Ranch
Antioch Ranch exists to provide an atmosphere that allows people to find refreshment with God, family, friends and nature.
Here you'll find tall Redwood trees surrounding 20 acres of old orchard, field and hilltop.
The Ranch is a family-friendly, internet-free place of peace and relaxation that allows you to unplug from the stresses of life.
Our local beaches, our charming towns of Mendocino and Fort Bragg, and our State parks are not far away.

We have several guest houses to choose from. Each has a unique theme, is fully furnished and offers a choice of wood stove or propane heat.

A sanctuary on the headlands...

Welcome to Mendocino

About five miles from Antioch Ranch, Mendocino sits overlooking the ever-changing coast.
A former lumber town established in 1852, it is now a popular tourist destination for bird and whale watching, hiking, fishing, camping, and special art and music events.

When the logging boom petered out, Mendocino began to fade. But in the 1950s, artists began to migrate to the nearly abandoned hamlet, establishing it as an important artist’s community that still thrives, thanks in part to visitors who come to see and buy quality work.*
It has been used in over 70 movies plus TV shows and many commercials. It was used in the 1966 favorite, "The Russians are coming, The Russians are coming!!!" and is home to the Mendocino Music and Film festivals. 
In addition to the shops and events that are hosted here, there is a variety of beaches and state parks to explore and enjoy.

Fort Bragg
A Charming City of History...